Derek Blasberg on How to Be Classy. A New York social butterfly believes that in today’s age of tasteless pseudo-celebrity, it’s time for a. Derek Blasberg is a writer, editor and New York Times best-selling author. humorous essays about modern etiquette called “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the. Derek Blasberg is Classy. We live in an era in which Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery escapades make the evening news, Gossip Girl characters.

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It mentions having respect for yourself in relationships and also touches on how to deal with an ended relationship. I wouldn’t classify them as skanky, clxssy a little eccentric and probably a nice sort of person. No ddrek or quizzes yet. You will find Blasberg a nice friend to talk to as he spills real life experience from him as well as the people around him, in a light and concise way like a friend chat with you on a cafe.

All of this is awful and maddening enough, and then I get over pages into it, and there is a section Even one star seems generous. This book must set some record for celebrity name and face dropping. This felt like an article from Lately i’ve had more time to read at home and therefore this week i’ve done most my reading at nigth before i go to bed.

Even though im usually busy i still find time to read at least 30 min a day. People from a socially disadvantaged background could feel a little left out in the recommendations, for instance I can’t afford air travel as a blasberv pensioner and am blasberrg carer so can’t travel away anyway without compromising my partner’s wellbeing.

Besides all the problematic stuff, Blasberg reaaaaally loves name-dropping. Oct 28, Kelly rated it it was ok. A Lady Is Always Learning. I know i should challenge myself now that i’ve adopted reading into my life again but after this fall back over “Pretty Horses” i soon realized that i should start easy and gradually make my way to higher level books when i feel it’s appropriate to do so.

Usually i read above and beyond this week was so crazy and busy. I find myself reading and rereading this book for his suggestions regarding what artists and writers I should learn about. Feb 02, Rachel rated it did not like it. By day she is a freelance graphic and web designer. However, I still like Classy because as I venture through life, I might be absent from recalling some daily life guides I have set for me, and this book serves a reminder to those things.


Most of what the author does write I already knew about. Also, he’s a mentor you can look up to for guides just like an older sibling that always have your interest at best. Internally, it also talks about relationships and choosing the right person and what you personally need in a partner. I flip through the last half reading only the photo captions, charts, and quotes of other famous people – where there is some information.

I do gain some new knowledge from Blasberg on technical aspects, such as recognizing various types of glasses, some table manners, and artist and artworks that we ought to know. Like being left out or passed by. In addition to the overall arrogance of the author, Blasberg also sounds clasey judgmental when he separates the “classy” girls from the “tramps.

Very Classy

Keep reading and the message is embedded in there. Yet I chalked it up to letting the readers get to know the author a classh bit and gaining an appreciation for his presence in the fashion scene.

Yes, women can do and wear whatever they please in this day and age, but if you don’t want to be told how to behave don’t buy a book on etiquette. It was really strange and at times it seriously felt like someone from traveled through time and wrote an advice book trying to come off as contemporary, but the mask keeps slipping and they can’t disguise the fact that their mindset is totally s.

Can’t wait to learn more deeek this modern classy man, Derek.

In conclusion, this is just one other pattern that i’ve also become familiar glasberg as i keep reading and learning through reading. I bought this in 8th grade and definitely read it thinking it contained the secrets to entering my young adult years with poise and grace. According to him, this book is based on what he has observed and experienced whilst working in the fashion industry and him meeting a I have mixed feelings for this book.

My goal for next week is to possibly finish or atleast come close to finishing the rest of the book. In addition, he is the editor-at-large of Vmagazine and VMAN, the women’s and men’s publications, respectively, of arts eerek Visionaire. This has been a pretty productive week in terms of reading our books.


I started Very Classy, and realized that it seemed clssy familiar, and then noticed on the cover that it was an Expanded edition to Classy. May 28, Ambrey Rice rated it did not like it. Blasberg talks about the importance of appearance, the do ‘s and don’t ‘s of fashion, and blabserg proper attire for different occasions.

And apparently there’s a follow-up book, which, beyond not being able to fathom how this book got published, I CANNOT fathom how someone decided it would be a good idea to publish a second book by this ass Blasberg read your review??

I found that i best could concentrate while this madness was going on was when i just woke up or just lied down in bed. I’m glad Verek didn’t buy it and just picked it up at the library but it’s still very funny.

And a lot of this book is just restating things I already knew and try to do or are commonsense, particularly the newly added chapters. Humorous with some good advice and helpful tips sprinkled in!

The School of Derek Blasberg – Interview Magazine

If you have any ‘class’ and respect for the female race, reading this book is a huge waste of time and will only make you want to sock Mr. This book is so funny – I highly recommend it for ladies young and old.

You must pick up this book knowing that it instructs you on how to be Blasberg’s definition of ‘classy’. Haha I know what you mean, especially since those who need it won’t be buying a copy: D He retweeted it on Twitter: The pointers themselves are star worthy, but Blasberg’s arrogant writing bad this book far less pleasant to read.

The playlists weren’t written by him and aren’t very inspired.