In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ ) highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment. Ravarini Castoldi our has been making electrostatic equipment since under the ELETTROSPRAY® trademark. Manufacturer of standard and custom electrostatic automatic oilers for the metal processing industry. Products include blade systems, rotary atomizers, and.

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High Voltage Power Supply – Low-amperage source, typically operated at KV, is used to power electrostatic nozzle.

Electrostatic Oiler – Engineering Dictionary – EngNet

Improves Coil Handling – Reduces telescoping of coils. Coil Width – From 6″” in existing installations. The side walls of the cabin are lined with highly insulating plastic plates wich act as electrostatic refectors. Quality Certifications ISO Oil Characteristics – System can accommodate virtually all non-water based fluids used in this application. The electronic generators are made by a control panel usually mounted into the machine control desk and a “cascade” where the high voltage is generated normally mounted on top of the enclosure.

Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. The easiest way to prevent corrosion is to treat the surface of the thin sheet with special anti-corrosion oils.

The oil is gravity fed through a filter to the suction port of our exclusive closed loop circulating system including a pump, a throughflow electric heater and a duplex fine filter. Start Up – Assisted by TDC engineers and elcetrostatic who remain on-site through successful start-up and operation. Most existing methods are ineffective and cause oil handling headaches.

Example of special design are enclosures for the Temper mills where very little space is normally available on top of the recoiler, and a very high oil output is requested.

Spraying systems are always associated with a more or less pronounced overspray which impairs the deposition rate, polluting in the same time the working site. Available with a variety of features. When single coil instead of continuos strip are to be oiled the enclosure is equipped with a suitable threading table wich makes possible the passage of the strip head through the cabin and then it is automatically retracted or folder down.

ISO Not Specified. In any case oil flows from the atomiser in form of cuspid wich under the effect of the electrostatic pressure break in tiny droplets forming a curtain of very fine oil mist.


As a first in this field the bells revolutions are electronically controlled.

The oil is then fed under low pressure to the metering pumps and sent to the oiling blades which are heated at temperature T3 by circulation of an independent heating fluid. Maintenance – Maintenance requirements are generally minimal, stemming from the system’s elegant, oilerr design and extensive industry testing and operation. In order to provide you the best suitable solution and discuss special requirements, please get in touch with us.

Custom manufacturer of automatic electrostatic oilers. The atomising edge of the underside blade is twice the length of the topsite blade to ensure the highest possible atomising density and transfer efficiency and is designed specifically to overcome the “flooding” common with conventional slot blades. Oil application is possible from both top-down and bottom-up orientation. Electrostatic electroetatic are used to oil steel strip for rust protection, lubrication or stamping.

Control and instrumentation can be located on coater assembly or remotely.

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The oil level is precisely monitored and is automaticaly filled at low levels from the customers bulk supply. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Allows Flexible Processing – A wide range of strip widths can be processed on one machine.

The orifice dia is about 10 times wider than the conventional slot blade which is virtually self cleaning and mantenance free. We offer now four different electrostaic atomiser types to suit a wide range of application: The output of the metering pumps candy optionally controlled by precision flowmeters mounted downstream of the metering pumps reaching a new standard of precision for this class of machines.

PNEUMODYN airspray units Manufactured again by our Elettrospray Division, these atomisers are a development of conventional electrostatic painting guns and may be used for high output applications typical of Temper or Skin-Pass lines or to coat individual sheets immediately ahead of a press. Suitable for use in pickle line, galvanizing line, temper mill, slitting, inspection, and blanking line applications. The system is ideal for application of very low coating weights of DOS or similar products normally required on Tin-plate, Black-plate and Aluminium lines.

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A two blade electrostatic oiler for continuous strips is basically made as follows see 1 e 2. Which such a system a very small quantity of oil is quickly heated to the working temperature T2 of e.

Normally the atomised oil produces a circular pattern on the strip of approximately mm effective diameter, with up to three atomisers positioned each side of the strip. Additionally to our portfolio for complete strip processing lines and revamping of existing lines, we provide various auxiliary equipment to be used in cold rolling mills and metal strip production and processing plants.

We are sure to provide a sound and comprehensive advisory service during a first technical meeting.

Electrostatic oilers – Technical specification

Flow control or monitoring can be provided optionally but is not considered to be essential to the performance of the machines and set a new standard of automation in this class of machines. The nozzle is designed to pass any particulates in the fluid to prevent clogging.

There are several advantage with this design. Oilers can be designed with C-frame design, telescopic blade carriers, elecyrostatic heating, removable tank heaters, and solid-state power supplies. Oiling has been conventionally made by contact system brushes, rollers, pads or spraying system airspray or airless spray. The type of oil can be exchanged quickly. Call View Supplier Save Shortlist. This mist when opposed to an earthed surface is attracted and evenly settles and firmly adheres on this same surface.

Therefore at the maximum rated voltage of kV a W power is involved.

Programmed to discharge oil at predetermined intervals from several minutes to several hours. Moreover fluid filaments or drops immersed in a strong electric field undergo the electrostatic pressure and break out in electroztatic smaller electrically charged droplets which repel each other creating a finely atomized fluid mist. We supply a standard two generators, one for each blade to take advantage of the much profitable opposite polarities systeme: With this blade design it is possible to apply very viscous products or sometimes products wich are solid at room temperature.

The blade edge is formed as a single plane, externally wlectrostatic from a row of holes uniformly spaced along the blades body.