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druk The two got talking and before long Schweig realized he must be related to Thrasher. Sadly, not long ago, drum dancing seemed to be dying out. After almost two decades,the trip back sparked some memories for Schweig, now Schweig admitted his knowledge about the Inuvialuit is limited to what he has read in books.

Gwich’in Renewable Resources Board (GRRB)

The Inuvialuit people the Inuit of the Western Arctic traditionally used songs and chants to tell stories and share their culture. Some of the children performing.

In the dream he was walking towards a house where he could see a woman that he knew was his mother but when he was 5 feet from the open door it slammed shut. The end of a men’s dance. However, last night I was lucky enough to watch a traditional Inuit drum dance, put on by the Inuvik Drum Dancers, and I wanted to quickly post some pictures.

Inuvialuit drum dancers even performed for Prince William and Kate during their visit to Canada last summer. That is where he got his first start as an actor. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.


When he was 16 years old Schweig left home and headed for Toronto. His father was in the Inuvlk and they moved from Inuvik to Bermuda. I am a southern Canadian embarking on a northern adventure at the Top of the World.

But last week, when she met Eric Schweig from the “Last of the Mohicans”, there was no question in her mind. Schweig was the natural son of former Inuvik and Yellowknife resident Margaret Thrasher.

After that movie he got a video tape of his best scenes, found himself an agent and eventually wound up in the Last of the Mohicans. But three days later,his birth mother died and he was too late. Gender stereotypes exist in every culture! After decades of contact with foreigners, many Inuvialuit had forgotten how important drum dancing was. iunvik

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Schweig said he has several different options right now and expects to be busy in late spring. Imuvik said his adoptive grandmother told him who his birth mother was.

It has been a busy but interesting week, with 3 full days of community meetings, which explains why I haven’t been faithful in blogging. Schweig said he had a strange feeling that he might never meet his mother after a dream he had when he was I also took some video but I won’t put that up until tomorrow. Florence Raddi never realized she had a cousin who drmu a rising movie star.

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The name given to him at birth was Ray Thrasher. But at 6 months, he was adopted by a German father and French mother.


He left Inuvik at the age of six with his adoptive parents almost 20 years ago. Author I am a southern Canadian embarking on a northern adventure at the Top of the World.

Inuvik Drum and NNSL (newspaper) | Life in Inuvik, Northwest Territories

He was her cousin. He was walking down the street and a guy told him a producer was looking for Indians to act in a low-budget film.

inuvkk Than one day in Vancouver,where he now lives, he met Willie Thrasher on the street. My favourite was a mixed dance where the men played the part of seals, and the women were seagulls who were swooping down and bothering them.

Each of the dances has a meaning, but I can’t remember what they all are Schweig, figuring he could act, went in and then landed the lead in the picture.

Raddi was just one of several relatives who Schweig met for the first time. Dancers would act out the adventures and accomplishments of their ancestors accompanied by the beat of caribou skin drums.