Sri Shandilya Bhakti Sutras CHAPTER – I LESSON – 1 SRTrft STfxfifsmTStT II 1 II Ath&to BhaktijijnasS, II / II Translation: Thereafter henceforth to make inquiry. SHANDILYA BHAKTI SUTRA. Aphorisms for Devotion to God and. The Principles of the Philosophy of Love for Him. [Roman Transliteration of Text, English. He also touches on Rāgānugā-Bhakti but not to the extent as Śrī Nārada goes in his Bhakti Sūtra. But he deals with the philosophy to a great extent. He begins.

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It came to be known as the Bhagavata-religion and has also been variously designated as the Narayanlya, Satvata, Ekantika, or Pancaratra religion.

Surra devotee is very very preserved.

Shandilya Bhakti Sūtras

So when a jiva-soul anu-chid exclusively devotes himself to Vihhu-Chid; Godhead, there all the adjuncts of may a are dissolved viz. Please read our Privacy Policy for details. Name alone is the supreme devotion; Name is the highest intellect. He loves to associate himself always with exalted Parama Bhagavata devotees.

In order to lead the soul to its ssutra stage devotees mutually discuss on Name and sing His Glories.

Just as a strong bark is the supreme resort to those who are being drowned in water, noble devotees who have realised Me, the Supreme and have attained perfect peace and tranquility of mind are the highest resort of those who having sunk to the lowest depths are coming once more to the surface of the ocean of mundane existence.

Those who accept the remnants of God are liberated from all sins; but, those sinful ones, who cook for the sake of nourishing their body alone, eat only sin. My compliments for your prompt delivery. So the Lord says to the Vaidhi – Bhakta that he should not judge the activities of the RSganuga-Bhakta and get pains looking to the seemingly sinful acts of them but those acts of theirs are not at all sinful; on the otherhand they are most pleasing to Him which cannot be summed up by a Vaidhi-Bhakta.

Now the prakriti being propelled by the Lord, got evolved and gave birth to manifold elements. Is it proper for a Brahmin like you? It is supreme longing for God for its own sake. Madras Phone: I am of Thy Own, observing His presence everywhere and everything as belonging to Him.

He causes maya modified, whereas Himself ever remains immute. But sometimes it is also said tha a?

The translator’s notes are ghakti and illuminating. While chanting and remembering the Name, incessantly they remem- ber His spiritual characteristics by way of explaining to the mind the meanings of Name, By this means their heart is very soon freed from every spot of scrapes and becomes pure and stainless; and with the morning-twilight of Name, as the heart is purified by constant remembrance, Name dawns in the horizon of the pellucid heart with full shining rays.


He leads a life that never goes in vain for a moment and in Sri Shandilya Bhakti Sutras 83 no way contradicting the mood of devotion. What erudition did Gajendra possess?

What are the Shandilya Bhakti Sutras?

Prince Dhruva likewise underwent hard penance and invoked the Lord in order to gain the throne of his father of which he was deprived by the machinations of his step-mother 5 but when he was blessed by Narada and having the Darshana of Lord Narayana, all his desires for earthly kingdom and material wealth vanished and he turned to be a pure devotee.

Ustra wink appears like Ages, Tears stream surra from my eyes — Like showers in rainy season, And the entire world itstlf Like a dreary void appears, To Me bereft of the sight of Govinda.

Whereas hatred, jealousy, malice etc. When the swarupa form of Name fully appears, it is identical with the shandllya Form of Krishna. This parched rice will satisfy Me and the entire world. Here why does the Rishi say tad-vakya-sheshat Because after going to the climax, he feels that it may be an omission on his part not to record about the conventional Bhakti to the Incarnations of God Vishnu which is no doubt quite distinet from the worshippers of other gods, gods other than Vishnu -Incarnates which ends in fiasco.

But who does this mistake? Constant chanting of Krishna Bbhakti roots out all the evil influence of lust, anger, greed, infautation, pride and prejudice. Attachment tact-sat is the gateway of life of transmigration whereas attachment to sat saints-devotees merits the highest spiritual reward and anuraga to uttamapurusha leads to Prema.

What are the Shandilya Bhakti Sutras? No matter whether an exalted devotee is born a Brahmin or a Sudra, educated or uneducated in the secular learnings possessing robust health with charming beauty or sickly health with ugly physic, born in a most reputed family or unknown family, wealthy or destitute, based on these a devotee must not be judged.

On inert prakriti, His external-potency, 2 hahu syam projayayeti: In the GIta, Bhagavin says; 1 ” Those who worship other gods even with unwavering faith are being deluded by maya which ends in fiasco.

So long as ‘one does not take refuge in Thee, the Saviour from all sins, the distress, the thirst for ephemeral pleasure, lust and nescience torments the heart. Gambling snaps all the good dispositions of the heart and makes one cruel and hard-hearted. Anything concerning the service of God, he receives with all love; he feels extreme pang in Love-in-Separation.

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Based on your browsing history. Even worst sinners when stand destitute fervently craving the Mercy from God they too are bestowed with devotion and gradually attain the abode of Peace. Having created the jivas from His Tatastha- shakti which is superior to His maya of external L.

The subtleties of the technical terms are zhandilya explained in the notes. Some opine to see God is the supreme attainment or highest pursuit. They are not absolutely of the nature of any modification as in the case of the jivas. It may be said that by providence when one comes in- contact with an exalted Parama Bhagavata devotee of the Supreme God- head 5 one is endowed with devotion which is the natural characteristic of jiva-soul which so long remained dormant due to one’s aversion to God.

So even after this the parential Love and affection towards Sri Krishna could not be interrupted by any feeling of awe and reverence. Therefore it is only when due to spiritual Sukriti an arta like Gajendra the most rare case when saved by God, being captivated by the Beauty of God’s Person, prayed for pure Bliakti suttra the Feet of the Lord, So also when Saunaka and others associated themselves with Sri Suia Goswami they became confirmed In pure Shandiilya. I thirst for love, so when My prayatatma devotees offer something to Me with a heart overflowing with loving devotion and filled with gratitude that I readily accept.

Some may opine that for culturing devotion to God philosophical knowledge: To them even a moment’s separation from Me is unbearable, as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says: Because at the very dawn of Bhakti, Jnana or abstruse knowledge of Brahman, nay, the Jnana-yoga itself path of induction has totally sutar its charm and significance.

The highest pursuit of human life is attained through Bhakti alone.

What are the Shandilya Bhakti Sutras? – Yoga Practice Blog

Maya is the external Potency of God. The Supreme Bhakit possesses innumerable Potencies but they may be classified into three categories viz. In the philosophy of yoga enunciated by Sri Patanjala Rishi in his Yogasutra where Samadhi-state is the final pursuit which can be had through secondary Bhakti but unalloyed exalted characteristic of Bhakti is far far superior to that that is illustrated in the previous aphorism.