In accordance with the SMACNA Duct Performance Test Standard No. of the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Third Ediction, the C.L. THIRD EDITION – SHEET METAL AND AIR HVAC Duct Construction Standards Metal and Flexible • Third Edition SMACNA expresses appreciation to the many who have offered suggestions for constructive improvement in the fab-. AND. SUBMITTAL DATA. ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS. Revised to be in compliance with SMACNA HVAC. Duct Construction Standards, 3rd ed., 8th.

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Presents an updated level of technical information necessary for energy conservation and retrofits of today’s commercial facilities. Timesaving IAQ tracking forms can be modified to meet specific contractor needs.

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An invaluable inspection resource for owners of standing seam, batten seam, or Bermuda-type roofs. Contractors will find this book a valuable resource to provide owners or facility managers along with the standard building completion documents. As alternatives to table use, the publication has a manual calculation procedure using equations and fully developed examples, and offers optional calculation software.

Changes to the manual include expanded tables for stainless steel and aluminum, expanded tables for duct sizes up to 96 inches in diameter, introduction of a new Duct Class 5 for systems handling corrosives, and spiral lockseam pipe. Focuses primarily on the advancement of HVAC systems technology, with increased emphasis on energy efficiency and the emergence of green and sustainable building.

The only calculator in the industry to include the 0.

HVAC Duct Construction Standards – Metal and Flexible

Carefully examining the information along with the local climate conditions will enable users to select the proper details for practically any residential architectural sheet metal application. This CD contains all figures in DXF format that are used to illustrate the best practices in architectural sheet metal work.


Provides guidance for HVAC system selection, operation, and design. Powered ducr Wild Apricot Membership Software. The new edition has been updated from the edition and includes updated code references, NFPA references, and expanded guideline notes as to the details of damper installation. It also includes sample reports and timesaving pre-start and start-up checklists.

The manual incorporates the current technology available for contractors and designers to provide a state-of-the-art system. Checklists are included for ductwork and fire dampers. It includes tables constructioj selection of free standing stacks from 20 ft. Covering topics that include roof drainage systems, decks, chimneys, windows, doors and ledges, the new manual presents details and explanations based on and designed for low-rise residential buildings, up to three stories, that are used as single-family and multi-family dwellings.

This booklet of waterproofing illustrations and reminders covers curb and roof penetrations and sealings, as well as the interface between the roof and the location at which the unit, stahdards, electrical cpnstruction or sheet metal ductwork pass through the roof. Contractor Member Directory Search. Designers and engineers will benefit from the tables containing hundreds of stacks detailed and ready to go.

Variable air volume, multi-zone, dual duct and exhaust air systems are examples of the systems specifically covered and time-saving forms are included for precise record keeping during the conduct of a TAB project.

Lift Truck Train the Trainer Training. The Guideline djct how to manage the source of air pollutants, control measures, quality control and documentation, communication with occupants. Other topics covered are testing and identification and source mitigation.

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HVAC Duct Construction Standards – Metal and Flexible

A comprehensive application and installation guide of ducted electric heaters and important factors relating to application, selection, location, installation and control. Architects and designers are encouraged to use this invaluable resource to assure that their specifications reflect the proper design details.

To be used as cpnstruction supplement to the unit manufacturer’s specific installation instructions. Sources of data on design of guyed stacks are also listed. Sealants, moisture transfer methods and air leakage are also covered.

The guide also highlights details commonly used in residential sheet metal work throughout the industry. This new version has been extensively updated from the version and includes all of the many changes that have taken place in the HVAC industry.

Assists the designer, contractor and code officials in understanding the complexities of designing, installing, construction and balancing both the exhaust and make-up air systems required in commercial kitchen ventilation. Updated coverage of welding processes; flux-cored wire guidelines; and the latest equipment.

About Us Benefits and Services. Other chapters include guidelines for developing welding procedures, controlling weld quality, estimating, hiring and training welders and welder certification.

This handbook is a compilation of accepted industry practices for the construction of duct systems designed to convey air and gases that usually contain particulate sfandards corrosive aerosols. It contains negative pressure construction for 4″ w. Description 1st Edition,pages: